Surviving The 2023 Winter Storms: Status Update

First and foremost: if you’ve experienced loss, trauma, or some combination of both due to these generational California Storms, please accept our sincere condolences and direction to resources. There is nothing funny or “mildly inconvenient” about losing life, property and security because of an act of Nature. As we’ve been talking about on the air and on our social media platforms since the onset of these unprecedented downpours and powerful winds, there are resources that can help: 

Additionally, President Biden’s approval of our California State of Emergency now allows people affected by the storm to apply for assistance through The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); check out

As a family living in Roseville are for the last 28 years, we’ve seen all of ONE major flooding episode (“The Great Flooding of The Winter of 1995”); what folks are going through all over our State right now puts the small puddles we’re pumping out of our backyard in perspective🙂

John Young