What The TwitterVerse Is Saying About Airports This Year

“Relaxing” isn’t exactly a word most travelers, including me, would use to describe jumping on a flight to go somewhere during this Holiday season. Travelling ANYWHERE this time of year can be especially stressful…our friends at Huffpost.com rounded up some stress-relieving, humorous tweets about being at an airport in 2021. Here are a few: 

“Just sneezed in an airport and felt a thousand burning eyes on me! I’m sorry everyone!!!!!”

“Airports have constantly underestimated how many coffee shops they need.”

“Spent eight hours at the airport before my flight was canceled. We really are back to normal.”

“To the woman eating a tuna sandwich in the Newark airport bathroom stall: I have so many questions but want no answers.”

What’s something crazy/weird/wild you’ve seen while travelling by air recently? I noted that, on my back from New York City this past Thursday, nearly every one of our flight crews went out of their way to remind passengers that refusal to wear their mask properly would literally result in being thrown out of the cargo hold of the plane mid-flight (I DO like the sense of humor often displayed by Southwest Airlines flight attendants…). Take a deep breath, America…we’re gonna get through this. Happy Holidays 🙂

John Young