Travis A.F.B. Love

I Love Travis AFB. Many of us who grew up in Vacaville, Fairfield, Suisun, etc., had parents who were stationed at Travis.  Many friendships were made in school with kids from military backgrounds. In fact, my father was stationed at Travis, and was in the same squadron as entertainer Don Ho.

My Grandmother worked at the base for over 20 years. She started at David Grant Hospital when it was high atop the hill. She told me that it got so windy up there one day, that it blew her friend’s wig off her head and the two of them had to chase the hair piece down the hill.

Grandma (who worked at Pearl Harbor in the 40s) used to take me to work with her at night when she later worked at the Dependents Lounge on the flight line. It was during the Vietnam war. She would take me to work with her every night. I met many very kind military men and women who were waiting for their flights. They used to buy me candy and toys. To this day I think of all of them, the many who dedicated their lives in serving our great nation.

Ron Brown