Are YOU one of the 10 million people who signed up for the new Disney + Streaming Service…on the FIRST DAY of it’s release??  I’m not sure why this number is so surprising to some folks, since the Disney collection of animated and non-animated films is woven deeply into our american entertainment psyche.  Almost anything with “Disney” on it is almost guaranteed to sell well, or sell out. What this tells a 54 year old media consumers like myself is, as the commercial tells us, “it’s time to start streaming.” Although I’m a fan of my Xfinity Stream app on my smartphone (I’ll never miss a 49er game again, no matter where I travel), I’m still somewhat stuck in the old-world notion that personal libraries or collections of classic movies is where I get that content…I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on my out-dated DVD collection for nothing, right? Maybe being raised in the limited media climate of the late 1960’s through the early 1980’s has made it difficult to accept the idea that I can watch literally whatever I want, whenever I want…for a monthly fee. I’m all about progress, but am I the only one who misses the communal greatness of gathering around the T.V. to watch a Disney Classic that happens to be on at a designated time? I am? OK then…let’s start streaming.

John Young