If you got a high-tech gift for The Holidays, chances are it was a new Smart Speaker (like an “Alexa” Echo Dot or some such device). According to Rani Molla in the January 8th edition of Redcode, one in ten of us now have a Smart Speaker, up 78% from just last year. There appear to be a multitude of uses for these devices, from activating home appliances to monitoring home security…but the number one use of Smart Speakers so far has been to PLAY MUSIC (Molla, Redcode 2019). So…make your Smart Speaker your “portal to hometown awesomeness” by activating its’ skills; log on to www.kuic.com and click on the swirling circle in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Then just say “open your Hometown Station, KUIC!” and you’re good to go…and so are we 🙂

John Young