The Lock-Down Worked To Slow The Spread Of COVID-19

A new study done at The University of California-Berkeley reveals that the nationwide lock-down, or “Shelter-At-Home” orders prevented up to 60 million COVID-19 infections in the U.S., and more than half a billion worldwide. Researchers at Cal say that without the quarantine – especially in the early days of the outbreak – the U.S. would have seen another 5 million confirmed cases – with a possible number closer to 60 million. According to the latest CDC data, the U.S. has seen about 1.9 million cases with over 100,000 deaths. Are you surprised by the results of this study at all? If you choose to believe these results, does it change your perspective on “personal liberty” vs. “public safety”? Does this prove the quarantine was the right response, or could it still have been done better? As our economies slowly reopen against the backdrop of protests for Racial Justice, we need to take a hard look at what it means to be socially responsible. (Pictured: Me, my 79-year old mother Betsy, and my wife Meg)

John Young