Thank You Winters Ca

Winters has always been one of my favorite towns in America. Back in the 60s, my stepdad ran the Diamond National off 128. The building is still there. In front of the hardware store was the Frosty, where we’d spend many a summer afternoon enjoying five-cent frosties, playing pinball and listening to the latest top 40 hits on the jukebox out front.

It was then on to the pool at Winters High School or a visit to Winters Police Chief Washabaugh’s house across from ours on Abbey St. The Chief’s wife was so kind. We were greeted with a big smile, glasses of Tang and given pennies(for candy) to feed her chipmunks out back.

Out at the city park, there was an elderly man named Mr. Perry, who walked with a cane and wore dark glasses, all of us kids loved him. Everyday, we’d hope he would walk through the park, because he always had penny candy to share with us.

Now a days, one of my favorite things to do, is to drive to Winters on Saturday mornings just to look around, and stop in for breakfast. It brings me great joy. Most of the town is just the way I remember it. Winters is a special place, where I’m happy and at peace. Thank you, Winters.

Ron Brown