Anti-Social Bicycle Riding: Notes on The “Wildflower Century” In Chico, CA

The cool thing about getting older is, you continue to discover new things about yourself. Like, how you’ve always considered yourself a gregarious, social being, only to find that you actually like being alone in certain settings. Like long-distance bike riding.

 I’ve tried, and occasionally succeeded, in joining other cyclists on “fun-rides,” as well as other unorganized bike activities. I always assumed there was a certain power in numbers, that the more bike riders congregating in one place equaled more positive bike energy. That may be true, but once I’m exhausted from climbing the 17 mile “Honey Run” outside of Chico, it turns out the last thing I want to do is “connect” with fellow riders. I want to coast, struggle, stretch and otherwise stay non-communicative for the last grueling 40-something miles until we cross the finish line. All apologies to my riding mates Dave and Rick (pictured), who always seem to place camaraderie before ride completion. And many thanks to the organizers of The “Wildflower Century” community bicycling event, which provided multiple distances to choose from as well as the choice to silently – awkwardly – finish the ride on your own terms 🙂