Yes, Winter is here with a vengeance; The Far East Bay is getting pummeled with storm after storm over the next several days, and Sandbags are available all over the various cities and towns KUIC broadcasts to (see for a complete listing). However, I believe staying safe during bad weather requires more than filling and arranging those sandbags; we need to get together as neighbors and problem-solvers to stay safe and prevent future weather-related problems. Do you have a neighbor who might have difficulty filing or even buying and hauling home sandbags? Lend a hand; same for issues with clogged gutters and obstructed community drains. Do you live in a shared space, like a town-home community or condo? Be proactive with your housing association and insist on storm mitigation planning BEFORE the bad weather hits. Watch how you drive in bad weather; according to Solano County Sheriff Tom Ferrera, every traffic accident caused by careless storm driving takes emergency personnel away from storm-related rescue operations.  Winter storms are a pain, but they give us all a chance to show what community really is.

John Young