Sammy Hagar Vows to Play Concerts Regardless of Coronavirus: ‘If Some of Us Have to Sacrifice on That, OK’

Really, Sammy? I guess my assessment of you not being the brightest bulb in the carton was correct…feel free to check out almost any recent addition of “Rock ‘n Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar” on AXS T.V. for evidence that “The Red Rocker” isn’t the most articulate guy in the room. His latest statement from a June 23rd SPIN Magazine article by Daniel Kohn, however, is more serious, and it seems to speak to the idea that some people don’t realize the combined effect your careless behavior has on other people. It’s fine to say “I don’t care what happens to me,” but it isn’t OK to have your reckless, science-denying behavior affect vulnerable people around you. We’ve all heard the same scenarios discussed: what happens when a young, healthy Hagar concert goer gets infected with the coronavirus and inadvertently gives it to his 80 year old grandmother? Or his 80 year old neighbor? Stopping the spread of COVID-19 requires a group effort, according to every legitimate medical person I’ve listened to: social distancing, frequent hand washing, wearing masks in public, and getting tested if you think you’ve been put at risk. Nobody really likes these measures, especially performers and socially-inclined “people persons,” but now is not the time to confuse protecting public health with losing your personal liberties. Free COVID-19 testing is available in Solano County by making an appointment at

(Picture Courtesy of AP/Getty Images)

John Young