Pandemic Puts The Spotlight On Mental Health

The coronavirus pandemic is about more than just the possibility of contracting COVID-19: the pandemic and the accompanying social isolation policies are also putting a spotlight on our collective mental health. Between the effects of shelter-at-home orders, financial worries, and widespread unemployment, a record number of Americans say they’re dealing with some type of mental health issue. That puts pressure on companies and employers to offer better mental health resources to their employees.  While almost 80 percent of employers in this country offer some type of employee assistance program, fewer than 10 percent of workers actually use them…an alarming statistic that could be due to the stigma often associated with mental illness and the need for mental health treatment. Has the pandemic affected your mental health? Nearly one in five Americans will deal with a mental health issue at least once in their lifetimes…don’t be afraid to access the services that may be available to you through your current employer. There are community resources available as well, including the following:

NAMI Solano (National Alliance on Mental Illness):

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Solano County Veterans Services: (707)-784-6590

Solano County COVID-19 Information: