Men And Cats: A Digital Dating Dilemma

It has been difficult, rightfully so, to find anything light and frivolous in the news today. In my humble opinion, our focus should remain on advancing social justice in a laser-like way. Occasionally we need to laugh, however, and I did just that, out loud, when I came across a news item from Colorado State University. According to recently-completed research at the school, men who use internet-based dating sites are LESS LIKELY to find dates if their profile picture includes a Cat. So much to unpack here…the study seems to suggest that guys who pose with their feline companions are less desirable to potential human companions. The reasons for this aren’t really addressed in the information I saw, so I can only guess: men who like cats aren’t “manly” enough? If that’s true, that’s sad (and sexist…and it reinforces stereotypes, etc.). Doesn’t a guy posing with a cool cat indicate a certain level of sophistication? Cats can be difficult and extremely independent; doesn’t the visual of a man accepting that level of independence cry out for praise rather than punishment? Some of my favorite “selfies” include my cat Nigel; if I ever were thrust into the dating world you can bet your litter-box that my cat would be prominently featured in my profile. If potential dates don’t like your cat, that’s an easy way to eliminate those people from your life before you ever even meet them. Now…update your dating profiles with lots of cat pics and let’s get back to changing the world for the better.

John Young