“Matchbox Cars” Are Celebrating Their 70th Birthday!

I KNOW there are some Matchbox Car collectors out there in the audience…can you believe those amazing die-cast collectable toys have been around for 70 years? That’s right: the “little car from London” is becoming a septuagenarian! So, to celebrate, the brand is introducing a line of special limited-edition vehicles that pay tribute to Matchbox’s heritage. The anniversary line will be featured in seven different assortments across the Matchbox range, meaning more for all of us to collect! They’ll be a combination of collector favorites and iconic vehicles from the past 70 years, according to the company that will produce them.

“We are so excited to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Matchbox and the trusted legacy this brand has imprinted on kids and collectors all over the world,” says Roberto Stanichi, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Vehicles at Mattel (which now owns the “Matchbox” brand). “We look forward to continuing to redefine the die-cast category as we move towards a more sustainable future.” I’ve been a member in good standing of the Official Matchbox Collector’s Club since 1977, and my current collection of over 100 Matchbox vehicles (including one of the original three – a British Dump Truck – from 1953) occupies a special rotating display case in my home studio. Be on the lookout for these special vehicles at a toy store near you 🙂

John Young