Looking Back On Halloweens Past

I’ve always prided myself on my historical photo collection, and the rich Young Family History it represents. I’ve been an avid “scrapbooker” since the age of 10, when my mother first handed me a manila envelope full of photos and a paper-paged scrapbook to glue them into (that turned out to be a small scale disaster when I neglected to let some of the phots dry properly). The early photos that DID survive that debacle include a could of my Halloween costumes, including the mom-made clown outfits my brother Brian and I wore in 1969, and my drag-flavored impression of our junior high school lunch lady (brought to life with the help of one of my mother’s 1978 blazers…and one of her wigs). More modern, digital photos show me and my brother collaborating again, this time as KISS bandmates Paul Stanley and Peter Criss, respectfully. I also found perhaps the only instance that I ever wore any sports attire, when I attended a Halloween Party in 2009 as famous Philly Baseball Player Mike Schmidt (alongside my poodle skirt-wearing ‘50’s girl-group costumed spouse Meg). Happy Halloween 🎃

John Young