Local Student Encourages Volunteering With On Stage Vacaville

Julien Prien, is a senior at Buckingham Collegiate Charter Academy. He would like to give the Vacaville community a bit of info about On Stage Vacaville and Journey Downtown.

“The volunteer opportunity with On Stage Vacaville has opened doors, educated me and I have made lifelong friends. Lisa Hilas and her staff have been a positive influence and greet everyone so warmly.”

“Journey Downtown theater has a line up of diverse entertainment, great seat viewing and supports the community arts and nonprofits.”

Julien is focusing his volunteer hours on the theater, but also has his volunteer sights set on Saving Gracie, a non profit, helping families in need with pet emergency expenses. Please visit On stage Vacaville for information on Bingo de Mayo, a highly entertaining fundraiser, for Saving Gracie. Happening on Sunday April 28th. 

“High school seniors, retirees, and anyone who enjoys volunteering, please check out on Stage Vacaville. Great things are happening there. Please check it out! “

More info at www.onstagevacaville.org/volunteer