Local Farms Are Featured In “Bounty Of The County”

According to our friend Allison Nagel at Sustainable Solano, “Bounty of the County” will celebrate Solano County’s amazing Farms, Food, Wine and Beer through Oct. 11th; events will include free farmers market cooking demonstrations as well as ticketed tours and farm-to-table events. This announcement was of special interest to my wife Meg and I, as we fancy ourselves phony pharmers, i.e., the stewards of Phony Pharms in Roseville, where we reside and grow about 10% of our own food! Sustainable Solano continues to advocate for community and connection through our shared need for sustenance, and being a part of some of these upcoming events seems like just the thing to put the spotlight on how we are all connected. Participating Solano County farms include Be Love Farm, Eatwell Farm, Lockewood Acres, Ruhstaller Farm and Terra Firma Farm. “Bounty of the County” also creates opportunities to introduce residents to new home kitchen operations that use local produce. These events will give locals and visitors a great opportunity to learn more about local food, how you can support your local food system and delicious ways to prepare Solano produce. Check out details at www.sustainablesolano.org 🙂

John Young