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One of the most talented, multi-dimensional and iconic actors of our time, Robin Williams, left us all too soon and at his own hand.  Most of us never realized that this charismatic character wrestled with deep internal battles.  That certainly is true for all of us.  Sometimes we buck up and show our strength and smiles on the outside, when we are really struggling with complex battles on the inside.


Aunt Pat, far right.
Credit: Silverado Waitstaff, Napa
Mother’s Day Celebration 2019 Credit: Melanie Shaw
Mom Marsha, left, &n Aunt Pat, right

My very small but energetic and passionate family have gone through thick and thin together, sometimes stoically silent but other times loudly for all to see!  My beautiful and beloved Mom, Marsha, passed away in 2020.  It was a horrendously painful time for us collectively as well as individually.  Although grieving excessively on the inside, we, for the most part, have shown our strength and self-controlled fortitude on the outside these past 3 years.  It is still a process.  Recently, Mom’s only sister, Pat, has fallen ill and requires  much care.  Please allow me to introduce you to my uber-intelligent, bold and beautiful Aunt Pat … during happier times.  My amazing professional CPA cousin Melanie, Aunt Patty’s youngest, is nearly single-handedly tending to all of Aunt Pat’s needs – from arranging nursing care to grocery shopping to managing Aunt Pat’s household.  I stand in awe of her.


After a brief but delightful visit with Aunt Pat recently, it dawned on me how vital it is to honor, delight in and show esteem for our family and friends – even strangers – who may be silently grappling with grief, loss or profound feelings.  Actress Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being’s suffering. We have to feel for one another if we are to survive with dignity.” 


I genuinely love sharing my middays with you on 95.3 KUIC … transparently, sassily, yet always with heartfelt adoration.


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