Join Me On The “Geritol Tour” 2024

Many of you are aware that I perform in a Sacramento-based band, “Vino Banditos”, that has been entertaining audiences at Northern California wineries since 2012. That’s almost 12 years of rocking and rolling through the haze of Cabernets and Chardonnays, since me and my bandmates were in our early to mid 40’s. Well, the youngest of us is now almost 54, and time has taken a bit of a toll on our collective physical prowess: between ruptured ear drums, herniated discs, fractured toes and other maladies, we’re a mess. As we prepare to bring down the curtain on this version of the band (bass player/vocalist JT is moving back to the state of Georgia to be closer to his parents), we decided to put together one last tour of our favorite local venues. Some shows will be mellow, acoustic gigs while others will be more loud and rowdy…but again, rowdy is relative when you’re a 59 year old guitar player grabbing your lower back while reaching for more ibuprofen. We’ve dubbed this final series of shows “The Geritol Tour,” and we plan to go out in style (while doing our best to hide our physical limitations). Join us at one of the following tour stops:

Cante Ao Vinho Tasting Room in Rocklin, April 5th

“Wine Down Wednesday” in downtown Roseville, May 1st

Fourth of July Parade After Party, Royer Park in Roseville July 4th

North Pole Tavern Party in downtown Roseville, December 7th

John 🙂