Introducing The Butterfly Element: Helping Families Rediscover Life

I discovered The Butterfly Element, along with its founder Kristin Hughes, when I interviewed Kristin for a recent “Helping Your Hometown” segment. In short, The Butterfly Element is a local non-profit organization that provides needed services to women and their families through financial donations, as well as professional coaching in the areas of business development, self-confidence, work-life balance, family education and grief support. There is no cost to the recipients of these services. Kristin’s original intention was for the purpose of serving women who found themselves challenged with the many hardships facing them when they lose a spouse, as Kristin has. She was widowed at a young age, and she was forced to face not only the loss of her husband, but financial uncertainty and a lack of resources in understanding how to navigate through her loss. Kristin has created a safe place for women to go that provides resources and support in a time of great need. From her passion to serve in this capacity, The Butterfly Element was created.

Since its creation, The Butterfly Element has grown in support staff, and it offers a dedicated Board of Directors to serve women and their families through financial services as well as coaching services to help women and families on their journey into a healthy lifestyle. Find out how YOU can help, or get help, at 

John Young