Human Trafficking Month

January is Human Trafficking Month, so I talked with Solano County DA Krishna Abrams about the signs that we can all watch for..

Here is what Krishna had to share..

Fighting Human Trafficking is a priority of our office.  As we know, sex traffickers prey on the most vulnerable often recruiting  young children and teens.  Once recruited, the traffickers exert their power and control over their victims through economic, sexual, and emotional abuse, isolation, intimidation, threats and coercion.  We are committed to working with law enforcement and our community partners in combating all forms of  human trafficking.  Of utmost importance is protecting the most vulnerable and holding traffickers accountable..  is important  for all of us to know and understand the signs of someone that may be being trafficked.  If you do suspect someone is being forced to engage in any activity and cannot leave, please report it to local law enforcement.  Your words might make the difference.

Thank you Krishna.

Have you, or someone you know been affected by Human Trafficking?


Donna Perry

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