Hawaiian Memories: Zip Lining, Dolphins and Dole-Whip

It was 6 years ago this month that The Young Family took what would become our last full-blown “Family Vacation,” to the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Sure, all five of us have been spotted together at a smattering of events since then, but that Oahu trip was that last time we all got on an airplane together, flew to the same place, stayed in the same hotel and had adventures as a family unit. It was easier then, with our two youngest still in high school, and our daughter getting ready to actually move there (Nicole would end up living and working on Oahu for two more years). Man, did we have some adventures: zip-lining as a family (I ended up getting stuck on the line, much to the laughter of all present), hiking Diamond Head, swimming with dolphins off Electric Beach, and eating way too much Dole-Whip at The Dole Pineapple Plantation (if you haven’t had a Dole-Whip Dessert Treat, stop what you’re doing and find one now…they sell them at Disneyland and at OMG! Yogurt in Roseville…). Recalling that awesome week back in July, 2016- several of our family photos and holiday cards were produced from that trip – compels me to encourage listeners to plan a true family vacation, before those trips become almost impossible to pull off.

John Young