Happy Valentine’s Day To All The Lovers Out There!

I’m going to selfishly use my blog space here to wish my Valentine of 26 years, Meg Young, a Very Happy Valentine’s Day…Meg has added so much to my life, I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her. Not only has she been an amazing (and patient) spouse, a world-class parent to our three kids, and a solid business partner, but she helped me do something that changed my life: she helped inspire me to grow up. The world is certainly easier to navigate and enjoy when you’re able to get out of your own way. Although every important relationship in our lives teaches us something, I know I’ve learned the most from being together with Meg since, well, before The Internet 🙂 Here’s to all the couples out there who recognize the amazing gift they have in each other (insert Heart Emoji here).

John Young