Guess What Disney Food Treat Is FINALLY Coming To Your Grocer’s Freezer?

Hey dessert fanatics, listen up: The Dole Company is launching their exclusive, hard-to-find Dole Whip frozen dessert nationwide in April; you should be able to find it in your favorite grocery store’s freezer aisle in the next few weeks. Why should you care? That’s a good question; the basic answer is that this heavenly frozen treat is so unbelievably yummy that it turned a normally “chocolate-only” dude (me) into a raving fanboy after literally one bite. Another exciting part about this announcement is this stuff is hard to find: it’s usually only offered at Disney parks, select frozen yogurt shops on The West Coast, and on The Dole Company property in Hawaii. The Dole Whip will be available in three flavors: pineapple, mango, and strawberry, although my personal recommendation is to stick with original pineapple. Eating some of this creamy amazingness is like enjoying the perfect pineapple in ice-cream form, without the stringiness or rough skin. It is truly worth seeking out…in fact, during my last trip to Disneyland for my wife Meg’s birthday in early 2022, Meg snapped a picture of me savoring a cup of this magic mess (picture courtesy of The Young Family Archives).

John Young