Full disclosure here: I’ve only seen parts of three episodes of “Game of Thrones,” and although I’m no GoT hater, I’m just not super compelled to go back and binge-watch the series. I have friends and fans who are literally crushed following the end of the popular fantasy show, and we all got to have a little fun at the expense of these die-hard fans with reports of the now-infamous Starbucks coffee cup appearing briefly in a scene from the final episode.Game of Thrones, but you won’t see it on HBO anymore.  Series network HBO, after discovering the production mistake of having a current coffee cup on the set of that GoT episode, decided to have the mistake been digitally edited out. The shot has been removed from HBO Go and HBO Now, so you’ll have to connect with hard-core fans who recorded the show to see the funny, out-of-place image.  As of this week, you can apparently still see the cup on Hulu and Amazon Prime. I wonder what other goofy stuff I might find if I DO choose to binge watch this epic series? Scones, anyone?

John Young