Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Including The Pets

I’ve blogged often about my new-found love for the State of Texas, following my son Jake’s acceptance into Texas State University three and a half years ago. My entire family has fallen under this Texas Spell, visiting often and staying longer each time.  We’ve discovered a lot of “big” stuff, including big hearts, mid-western manners and wonderful diversity and inclusion (especially in Austin, Texas). It turns out that a Houston-area Petco is continuing the traditions of hospitality and largeness: recently a local couple led their giant steer “Oliver” inside the store, and they weren’t turned away. Petco’s policy is very explicit, apparently: “All leashed pets are welcome,” which means there’s no discrimination as to what is considered a pet. The couple noted on Facebook: “The staff members here are always super friendly and courteous to us. We really enjoy coming to this location…our favorite Petco BY FAR!!” According to The Livestock Conservancy, Oliver and his particular breed can grow up to 1,600 pounds. That’s a lot of pet beef; cheers to you, Petco, for sticking to your policies 🙂

John Young



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