Do You Collect Collectables?

With the 36th Annual Fairfield Coins and Collectables Show coming to town in August, I got to thinking about my own “proclivity for collectability”…it’s been 45 years this past February that I became an official member of The Matchbox Car Collectors Club! I have the signed (and framed) certificate of authenticity hanging on one of my home studio walls, and the actual car collection is rotating in a 1970’s-era Timex Wrist Watch display case I bought at a thrift store in the mid-1990’s. I wasn’t a particularly gifted athlete as a child, so I spent most of my free time obsessing over cars with my like-minded brother Brian and assorted motorheads in our neighborhood. I was in the minority of collectors, however; besides my brother’s hot Wheels collection, most kids collected Coins or Baseball Cards. I had a conversation with Fairfield Coin Club President David Trimingham about WHY we love coin collecting; he made the point that coins encompass art, value and history in a way that few other collectables do. Many of these little pieces of art history will be on display at the upcoming show, happening at The Vacaville Moose Lodge on Sunday, August 14th from 9 to 4 (visit for details and discount entry options). Enjoy!

John Young