Crocs Are Making A Comeback

Did they ever really go away? I feel like I’ve been making fun of them on The KUIC Morning Show for the last 15 years or so…my mother-in-law has been wearing them for at least that long (note her feet in the picture taken back in the Summer of 2005). Musician Questlove was the musical director of The recent Academy Awards show, and he wore custom gold Crocs! Apparently, Crocs have become a fashion statement (along with sweats and leggings) because of their popularity during the pandemic. Last week, the company that makes Crocs reported that earnings are up by 64%, to over $460 million in the first quarter compared to this same time last year. If things continue at this pace, we could see Crocs sales rise by as much as 50%. The company is counting on YOU to find the “cool” in these plastic shoes named after a ferocious reptile…will you rock some Crocs in 2021?

John Young