Benicia Dog Festival: A Day That’s Gone To The Dogs!
Thinking back to the fall of 2020 during the confusion of the worldwide pandemic, it was a time of unfathomable disconnect from all that was formerly familiar and enjoyable; I was anxious every waking moment, and horrifically, my blessed mother had just passed away. Our family was thrown into a profound soulless, spiritual crisis.  Miraculously at that time, I was able to make a soul-inspired decision to add two furry, delightful, curious and uber-adorbs Yorkies to our household.  Meet Rocky Road and Chocolate Mousse: a Biro and Chocolate Bark Yorkshire Terrier, respectively.
Credit: Jeri Stewart

Interestingly, our soul is our personality; it’s who we are. Soulfully, we think, reason, consider, remember, and wonder. We experience emotions like happiness, love, sorrow, anger, relief, and compassion. And we’re able to resolve, choose, and make decisions. Dogs can think, reason, sense danger, experience happiness, sadness, and all of the things mentioned in a definition of the soul.

My soul was revived the moment I brought these two deliciously delightful ‘souls’ home.  That said, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate a soulful revival than to honor our dogs via the Benicia Dog FestivalA Day That’s Gone To The Dogs!  

Adopt, adore and appreciate what a dog can do for your well-being.  Personally, I’ve learned the importance of living in the now and loving without reservation.  Please join me in celebrating the meaning of love: companionship of caring canines on October 14th in Benicia.

Woof!  Jeri