Barbie was the real Oscar WINNER last night

Yes I know…Oppenheimer won 7 Oscars last night; and Barbie picked up only 1.  But the moment everyone was talking about around the water cooler today, outside of Al Pacino, was Ryan Gosling and his performance of I’m Just Ken!  Billy Eilish did pick up the solo Barbie Oscar in the Best Song category.  Eilish also won Song of The Year at the Grammy’s and Best Original Song at the Golden Globes.

Other songs from the Barbie Soundtrack include Dance The Night from Dua Lipa,  Lizzo, Haim, Ava Max and many others making up the 17 song track list.  So while Oppenheimer for the most part swept the Award Season…musically, it was a great year for the Barbie Soundtrack.  – Jeff Dorian