My Daughter Nicole “Skates” Her Way Into Her 30’s

It isn’t difficult to write about my amazing adult children: all three of them have an incredible zest for life, great friends, strong careers and above all, they’re solid, empathetic humans. I definitely won the Parent Lottery 🙂 The first one of those amazing humans to make me a parent, daughter Nicole Elizabeth Young, recently turned 31, so I thought this would be a good time to highlight some of her accomplishments as she eases her way into her 30’s. 

I’ll begin by making note of the fact that Nicole was 6 years old when I started doing The KUIC Morning Show; she literally can’t remember a time that I did anything else for a living. During my tenure here at KUIC, Nick has been a star at eighth grade science camp, a co-captain of her high school water polo team, the Queen of her Junior Class in high school, a Cal Poly SLO college grad, a Master’s level Environmental Science degree holder from The University of San Francisco, and more recently the first (and youngest) Program Manager at TransCon Environmental Services. She’s currently leading a project team that’s building a Green Energy Delivery System across Eastern Oregon into Idaho. Oh, and she’s a heck of a roller skater, as evidenced by the picture she sent me from her skate-themed birthday party in San Francisco 🙂