Responding To Questions, Concerns, And Requests From The “General Information” Phone Line

As I pass another milestone year serving as the Morning Show Host at KUIC (24 years on November 1st), I continue to marvel at my unlikely radio career and the wonderful experiences it’s allowed me to have. The people I’ve met, the events I’ve been a part of, the amazing loyal listeners I’ve been able to have conversations with…the list of awesomeness is long, indeed. One of the ways I continue to stay connected to the community is when I’m asked to return phone calls that get sent to me via our General Phone Line, and some of the messages are interesting.

  •  “I’m calling because I’d like to come down to the station for a tour…do you still offer those in this post-pandemic era?” We don’t typically do individual tours, but we’re happy to send pictures 🙂
  • “My son is an excellent singer, and he and his band have a new album out…will you play it on your show?” This one breaks my artistic heart, because I spent a good deal of my 20’s trying to get radio stations to play MY music.
  • “My daughter is an excellent singer…can she visit your show and do some singing?” Again, stop breaking my heart, parents.
  • “The traffic report you did last week was wrong; Air Base Parkway cleared up by 10am that day.” Nobody likes a know-it-all, but thanks for the constructive criticism.

We here at KUIC really do love to hear from y’all, and the best way to get in touch with us (and get a satisfactory response) is via our individual email addresses, which you can find under “SHOWS” at (mine is [email protected]).

John Young