Stating The Obvious: 2020 Is The Worst Year EVER

Last week’s cover of TIME Magazine declared 2020 “the worst year ever.” The cover shows 2020 with a big red “X” over it. Inside the magazine, the lead article recounts many of 2020’s extreme low points, starting with the coronavirus pandemic (obviously). Although I would consider the battle for a more just American society a high point, the protests that engulfed our nation in the name of racial justice, along with the major nationwide economic downturn, are also highlighted. TIME magazine also mentions the deaths of prominent figures like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, basketball icon Kobe Bryant, and award-winning actor and philanthropist Chadwick Boseman. Do you agree with TIME Magazine? Before you answer with a resounding “YES!!!”, think about how you might summarize 2020…did some GOOD things happen? Did you spend more time with family, learning more about your important relationships? Did you grow those relationships in the face of adversity? Did you learn a new skill, or figure out a more efficient way to do business? Are you stronger now?

John Young