What Happens When You Refuse To Grow Up? Ask My Uncle Bill.

I got a fun package in the mail this past week from my Uncle William B. Young, my late father’s younger brother. “Uncle Bill” moved from SoCal to Sonoma County about 10 years ago, and as a result we’ve had more contact; we correspond through email about our families, our cars…and mostly our cars. You see, my uncle is the author of “My First 100 Cars: The Life and (Automotive) Times of Bill Young” (Falcon Books, 2021), where he details his vehicular adventures from his early teens to his late ‘70’s (he’s currently 81). Whether I like it or not, my Uncle Bill was part of my inspiration for car collecting, car swapping and downright silly car shenanigans. I’m even included in his book, along with my younger brother Brian, when he details the history of his 1973 Cadillac Sedan Deville (Brian and I infamously borrowed it one year for our Senior/Sophomore Prom, returning it in less-than-stellar condition). Throughout his book, and really through his life, Bill’s dedication to The Art of The Car was legendary in our family; he was like a kid who never wanted to trade his high-performance GTO for some boring corporate ride (although he owned plenty of those as well). I’ve included a picture of what arrived in that package last week: the license plate rim from his Red 1947 MG TC, which he still owns and drives. “I was cleaning out the garage and thought you should have this.” Thanks, Uncle Bill 🙂

John Young