We Couldn’t Get “Kenough” Of The Barbie Movie

By now many of you out there have seen the gazillion dollar-making, cinematic cultural experience known as “The Barbie Movie”, and many of you are leaving the theaters joyously curious. What did we just see? A well-written, visually-pleasing comedy? A female-empowerment film cloaked in bright colors and familiar toy references? Maybe all of the above? Besides the excellent script by Sacramento native Greta Gerwig and her writing partner Noah Baumbach, the set pieces and action sequences had you believing you were literally living in Barbie’s World. Stellar performances by America Ferrara, Kate McKinnon and newcomer Ariana Greenblatt as the wonderfully feisty “Sasha” dominated even the great work of veteran film actors like Will Ferrell and Rhea Perlman. An embarrassment of acting riches, really. And a chance to celebrate the concept of Empowerment in really poignant and creative ways; Gerwig and her team put together an awesome visual spectacle to help underscore the film’s messages. One of the more powerful lines in the film comes from Perlman, who plays Barbie Inventor Ruth Handler: “Humans only have one ending…ideas are forever.”

John Young