As is always the case with these occasional updates on our ‘64 Aristocrat Camper project, I’m hopeful MY mistakes can be used as life lessons for YOU. So…when your spouse or partner says they are going to finish a project because they know how they want it done, resist the urge to finish it for them because you think they’re taking too long to complete the project. Exhibit A: the custom “Camper Pattern” curtains we had made for our camper…cute, huh? My wife Meg, who does a fair amount of sowing herself and understands curtain hanging, curtain length, hang-direction, bunching and double-paneling, had a vision for these new additions and she was pretty clear about how she was going to install them. A few weeks went by, I had a few hours free one afternoon, and, well…you probably see how this ended badly for me.  In fact, my wife’s displeasure at my curtain hanging attempt was so severe (and her responses to my texted pictures of my handiwork so negative) she literally didn’t talk to me for two days. After some intense couples therapy (where we explored issues like trust and communication), we re-connected by spending a Friday afternoon taking down my version of “the curtains are done!” and installing them correctly. We take the camper out on its maiden camping voyage at the end of June…wish me luck.

John Young