The Tale Of The “Low-Rent Cowboy” Costume

Sure, The World-Wide COVID-19 Pandemic put a damper on last year’s Halloween Festivities, but this year, by all accounts, looks to be a real party! Multiple activities are scheduled to take place in and around our hometowns, including the Vacaville Halloween Stroll through downtown Vacaville on Halloween from 4 to 6pm rain or shine (more at The excitement about having a real celebration this year got me thinking about the many seasons I would endeavor to “dress up” for Halloween, particularly if the holiday fell on a morning that I was broadcasting The KUIC Morning Show. Well…that’s where the legend of the “Low-Rent Cowboy” comes into play, and I found a picture of that 2013 “costume” to make my point that literally ANYTHING can in fact BE a costume! Some years I went all-out with my dress up, including the famous Styrofoam Ketchup Bottle get-up and The German Gentleman from the 1800’s. But for some reason, I chose easy over quality when I threw together my “cowboy” costume for Halloween 8 years ago…just look at that smug picture! An Australian Outback hat that I bought in 1993 (I was trying to emulate Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi), hair back in a pony-tail and a $12 Costco “Western-Style” shirt. Presto! I’m a Cowboy! In my defense, I’m always looking for a costume that I can put on at 3:00 o’clock in the morning and drive to work in…the Low-Rent Cowboy met that standard and allowed me to attend that day’s KUIC Staff Halloween Party without embarrassment. OK, I was slightly embarrassed. Happy Halloween 🙂


John Young