The Reclaim Foundation Helps Local People Cope With Trauma

I had the opportunity to interview Megan Bull, the Founder and President of The Reclaim Foundation on a recent episode of Hometown Mornings; she described the organization as one that “connects survivors of traumatic events to others from similar situations in order to nurture growth and healing within our online environment.” As a trauma survivor herself, Megan explained in more detail that The  Reclaim Foundation is also aware that when traumatic events occur, family and friends can benefit from a supportive community to uplift the survivors in their lives. With this in mind, Reclaim Foundation is set up to provide resources to help people in our local communities affected by all types of trauma. Some of what the organization does includes raising awareness on the occurrence and impact of traumatic events, assisting with some trauma-related costs, and “engaging in activities that empower survivors to reclaim their lives in the wake of trauma”, per The Reclaim Foundation website ( If you or someone you know has experienced a traumatic event and is looking for a place to start the recovery process, reach out to The Reclaim Foundation today 🙂

John Young