The Leaven Kids Organization Becomes Our Radio Partner For The 6th Time!

I’ve blogged before about unique fundraisers, but The Leaven Kids KUIC “Radio-Thon” is truly one of the most original and fulfilling fundraisers I get to be a part of…for over half a decade now. Six years ago, Leaven Kids Executive Director Mark Lillis came to KUIC with a proposition: a collaboration between his agency – one that provides tutoring, guidance and mentorship to kids and their families in underserved areas – and the KUIC on-air staff to use a full day of radio air-time to ask our listeners to help give kids and families a chance to thrive. The first Radio-Thon was a bit clunky, as we all attempted to weave kids’ testimonials, donor interviews and “money asks” into our regularly-scheduled programming, but by year two we had a system that worked. That’s thanks in no small part to The Leaven Kids behind-the-scenes team, manning a “pop-up call center” we set up in the KUIC Conference Room, and the dedicated KUIC staff who worked tirelessly to make the whole endeavor sound smooth and entertaining on the air. I’m proud to call my KUIC colleagues friends and advocates for children and families, as they continue to demonstrate every year that we put another Radio-Thon together. I’m reminded of the good work EVERYONE does when I glance up at the signed, framed “I’m A Leaven Kid” team t-shirt in my KUIC office cubicle. If you’d like to be a part of this year’s event, be listening to KUIC on November 16th, beginning at 5:00am and lasting through 7pm that evening. You can always find out more about Leaven Kids and the great work they do, as well as make a donation, at  🙂

John Young