Paying Tribute To A Long-Time Radio Partner

That Blog title should also include the word “Friend,” because that’s certainly what Ron Brown became to me over the 11+ years we did The KUIC Hometown Morning Show together. From that fateful July day in 2012 that Ron was shifted from his afternoon traffic duties to co-hosting the morning show with me, we became like two 12 year old’s on a sugar-rush. “Let’s do a ‘Celebrity News’ Segment!” “Let’s do a bit where you (Ron) talk about your illustrious sports career while I (John) talk about being the Water Boy!” Ron’s self-deprecating sense of humor made its way into our recorded Morning Show Promos often; you would be able to hear about his indigestion-inducing chili recipe, his insistence on a sterile coffee-making environment, and the love he has for his grandkids in our daily show promotional spots. Ron never shied away from talking about what his family meant to him, and he was equally encouraging when it came to MY family’s exploits and accomplishments. We discovered that we had a mutual fascination with electric guitars, and Ron’s extreme left-handedness made his search for adequate “lefty” guitars an ongoing thread throughout our decade together. Golf, chocolate, Elvis Presley, The 49ers…we found a ton of commonalities that fueled our on and off-air conversations for 11 years. Ron joined the morning show at a turbulent time – I was on my third set of partners – and he brought a calm and stability to the proceedings that lasted longer than either of us thought it would…for that (and many other things) I’m grateful. Enjoy your retirement DTRB, and I’ll see you on the golf course soon 🙂

John Young