National Day of Unplugging 2019

National Day of Unplugging 2019 begins at sundown March 1 through sundown March 2nd. We might be at risk for cell phone separation anxiety.

Will you barely manage to survive, or will you thrive?

It’s all about disconnecting from digital devices and freeing up our energy to reconnect with family, friends or just relax and reflect without being interrupted by  ringtones, emails and other technology. My favorite place to unplug and fade into the moment is at the beach, just breathing in the fresh air and listening to the sound of the waves.

Is there a book that you have been meaning to read? How about gathering up the video controllers and just playing a family game of cards? Make your final post before the sundown shutdown be #unplug.

What will be your hardest devise to unplug?

What is your families favorite unplugged activity?


Donna Perry



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