Is “Puppy Yoga” A Thing? It Is, And Not For The Puppies!

My New York City-based actor son Jake recently sent my wife Meg and I some pictures of him in a yoga studio, cuddling some adorable Corgi puppies. “That’s Adorable!”, we both exclaimed, “are you getting a new dog?” “No,” Jake replied, “Ana and I are de-stressing at a Corgi Puppy Yoga Class.” It turns out Jake’s partner Ana really knows how to combine originality, soft fur, and stress relief in ways many would have trouble imagining. Have YOU ever even heard of Puppy Yoga??? The idea makes a ton of sense: relax, stretch, center your body and mind, then take a deep dive into cuddle-land with some of the cutest canines NYC has to offer (Jake later explained that all the Corgi puppies featured in his class were adopted out, so none of them were permanently available to the yoga participants). If you are planning a trip back East, and you want a yoga experience like no other, check out the details at 🙂