I miss running


I miss running. KUIC’s Ron Brown here. I just found out that my right knee has several cartilage and ACL tears, that requires surgery. Gadzooks! This does NOT make me happy, but running does. It started back in 1970, an older boy beat me in the half-mile run, I vowed to train every day and beat him. So, everyday (no matter the weather) I ran two-miles a day-every single day. The course was exactly two miles from our house to the Vacaville Moose Lodge and back. A month later, I came in first. It was an amazing feeling. My legs and lungs were killing me, but it got easier, the more I did it.

From that day on, I ran every day, I loved it. I would get up at 5am (sometimes in 30 degree weather) just to train. The joy of the scenery along the hills and country roads of Vacaville was incredible. The intense training helped me stay in shape for high school and college sports and later in martial arts. Running is one of the best choices I ever made. The picture in this blog, is the road I ran down, everyday in college in Chico. I hope to once again lace up the shoes and get out there on the roads. If you’re thinking of getting in the best shape of your life, run-you won’t regret it! I miss it.

Ron Brown