Happy Pizza Day

Today is National Pizza Day. We all have our favorites!  I’ll never forget my very first pizza experience. It was 1969. I was in 6th grade at Monte Vista Elementary School in Vacaville. My pal Greg Chiapuzzo says “Lets go to Pietros after school.” Up until that time, I only knew frozen pizza from the base commissary or one from Chef Boyardee out of the box. I couldnt wait to go!

Anyway, after school, we arrived at Pietros #1 and were greeted by Mama Murdaca and then seated in one of their six booths. The aroma in the restaurant was amazing. We couldn’t wait to dig in. We ordered a small pepperoni;(I think it set us back just $3.50) our mouths watered the whole time. Papa Murdaca was in the kitchen making our pie. We watched in total amazement as he tossed the pizza dough high in the air over his head with ease, and it didnt break!

When that beauty arrived at the table, it was one of the most beautiful sights we’d ever seen.! Hot and cheesy, ooey and gooey! And that pepperoni! WOW! We didn’t wait to let it cool down. We devoured it within 20 minutes and both agreed it was the best pizza we’d ever had. To this day, our family still enjoys one at least twice a month.

Greg is gone now, but the memories of that special day still remain, and so does Pietros #1-Thank goodness! Amazing memories of a time gone by but never forgotten.

Ron Brown