Giving Some Love To “Swing Nation”

For folks who are not familiar with the inner-workings of the Theater World, “swings” are those hard-working actors who are charged with filling in for the starts of the show when those stars fall ill, need a night off, etc. Most actors beginning their career journey work as swings, logging countless hours of experience, connection-making and expert mentorship to help them eventually take the lead roles. Our amazing actor-son Brett and his partner Sydney Jones have been part of “Swing Nation” (their term, which I love) since they both graduated from The University of Oklahoma’s Musical Theater Program; Meg and I had a chance to spend a week in Sarasota Florida over Christmas and New Years watching Brett work with a talented cast of new colleagues and friends in the hyperkinetic musical “Crazy For You”. Sydney joined us after working as a swing on Broadway (in “A Beautiful Noise”) and in Chicago (in the new Betty Boop musical “Boop”). It’s a marvelous treat to watch their respective performing careers take off right before our eyes…here’s to all the members of Swing Nation 🙂 #broadwaydreams

John Young