Bonding With My Little Brother At Our High School Reunion

We’ve been focusing a lot lately on “Back To School,” which is appropriate given the time of the year (and the cool contests on KUIC that offer potential riches to go with your school supplies). I had the opportunity to attend a multi-class reunion at my high school alma mater, Dana Hills High in Dana Point; I went with my younger brother, Brian, who graduated two years after I did. At first I wasn’t sure how the multi-class structure would work out – plenty of “purists” from my class wanted the event to be just for our class – but the format was pretty cool. I hadn’ realized how many friends my little brother and I had in common from different graduating classes…we both ended up hearing stories about each other from friends we hadn’t see in 30 plus years! My brother became the toast of the party within my Class of ‘83 group (“your Brother’s so funny! Maybe HE should host your morning show!”). We even broke out some of our Young Brothers dance moves that put many classmates to shame (and shout-out to the SoCal-based band The Reflexx who GOT IT DONE!). Reflecting back, it turns out the “friend” from my highschool days I had the most fun with at the reunion was my own Browski…my Bro-See-Fus…Mr. Brian First-Chair-Trumpet Player-In-The-High-School-Marching-Band Young. Looking forward to our next Back-To-School adventure 🙂

John Young