Another Cancelled Event: What Our Disappearing Recreation Says About Us

I was psyched to compete again this year in the Southern Oregon Crater Lake Bike Race, formally known as the “Ride The Rim” event because bicyclists circumnavigate the 34-mile “outer rim” of gorgeous Crater Lake. This cool event is normally held mid-September of every year, although it was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. And now, to no one’s surprise, it has again been cancelled due to, well, the pandemic. The pandemic that science has been brilliant enough to develop a vaccine to fight; the pandemic that was almost under control 3 months ago. Because just enough or our fellow citizens have purposely chosen to avoid getting the free, safe vaccinations, stronger more contagious variants of COVID-19 have sprung up amongst the un-vaccinated and forced a bleak return to 2020-style cancellations and disappointments. Besides the selfish bummed-out feeling I might have because I can’t go on my silly bike ride, the bigger picture of cancelled group hikes, swims, camping trips and the like shines a light on the disappearing outdoor opportunities an uncontrolled pandemic leaves in its wake. We aren’t simply talking about a cancelled KISS concert or our favorite bar only serving drinks outside: we’re watching healthy activities being shut down because some folks don’t want to get a safe, free shot of vaccine. If you know someone who is un-vaccinated but willing to look into changing that status, point them in the direction of or 

John Young