A Father-Daughter Rock ‘n Roll Adventure In San Francisco

Am I crazy to hoist my love of the band KISS on my unsuspecting children? Whatever the answer, it’s probably too late to do anything about it: my poor kids have been putting up with KISS-related activities, including family dress-ups, concert attendance and KISS merchandise as birthday gifts, since they were all grade-schoolers. My oldest child, daughter Nicole (now age 30), seemed to enjoy her “KISS-story” lessons maybe more than her younger brothers: she’s dressed up as different members of the iconic band for several events over the years. It came as no surprise then, for this past Father’s Day she gave me a ticket to join her at a concert by the famous KISS tribute band DESTROYER at The Chapel in San Francisco! Awesome, right??? We decided to forgo full make-up, but I DID bring my home-made 7 inch “Rock Boots” and an original “KISS Army” t-shirt I bought at a KISS show in the mid-90’s. DESTROYER did an amazing job of transporting us all back to the heyday of KISS, the mid-1970’s, with era-appropriate costumes, lite pyro-technics and a set-list of songs that could have easily been lifted from a KISS concert at Winterland in San Francisco in 1975! Thanks to my incredibly fun and generous daughter, thanks to the band, and as the late entertainer Bob Hope might say, “thanks for the memories.”

John Young