Solano County Launches Solano Senior Fraud Prevention Center To Fight Scammers

Responding to a spike in reports of scams targeting local seniors, Solano County’s Older and Disabled Adult Services, (ODAS) Adult Protective Services (APS) has launched the Solano Senior Fraud Prevention Center,, pairing it with an extensive public education campaign. The effort aims to prevent financial exploitation by scammers and by less than honest family members and inform residents of the resources available to those impacted by these crimes.

Available via Solano County’s one-stop resource guide, the Solano Senior Fraud
Prevention Center provides vital information and tools to empower seniors and their caregivers to
identify, stop and report fraudulent activities.

The website also shares five essential tips to prevent scams:
1. Always double-check the source of “government” communications.
2. Be vigilant and on the watch for fake social media identities and “sweetheart scams.”
3. Bring skepticism to every prize or investment offer.
4. Be wary of “urgent” notices that claim your accounts or computer have been “compromised”
without providing proof.
5. Monitor your finances often and protect your Power of Attorney.
The website also provides contact information and reporting strategies to connect with regulatory
agencies, local law enforcement and APS.

For more information, visit; Disabled Adult Services at (707) 784-8259. Reports to APS can be filed at or by calling (707) 784-8259 during the day or (800) 850-0012 after hours.