She’s Back! The Reunion Even I Didn’t See Coming

For those of you listeners who’ve been following The KUIC Hometown Morning Show since I began co-hosting it back in November of 1999, you know there’s been a few iterations of the program: The Jen and John Show with Cynthia Seats (11-99 thru 8-05), John and Cynthia (9-05 to 2-09), John and Don Potter with Heather Quarterman (3-09 thru 7-12), and John and Ron Brown (8-12 to the present). With “Down Town” Ron Brown retiring soon, KUIC set out to find another voice for Hometown Mornings, and they did just that: the new KUIC Hometown Mornings voice of your morning commute is Cynthia Seats! Besides her years of broadcasting experience, voice work, film and television work, Cynthia and her amazing family (husband Ted and daughter Jordan) lived in Solano and Yolo counties for over 20 years before returning to the Pacific Northwest, where she hails from originally. She’s an obvious choice to give you all the information you need to get you to where you’re going safely, having traversed those roadways for years herself. The idea that I’d ever get to do more than sit in a theater and watch a screening of her latest film project, or chat her up about her latest voice project with A-list film and T.V. folks seemed remote at best…now I can’t believe my (or YOUR) good fortune! As we explore another chapter in the ever-evolving KUIC Morning Show, please join me in welcoming back one of the originals 🙂

John Young