Do you have some old Tupperware in your cabinets? I know I do: when I was getting a divorce a million years ago, a co-worker took pity on my situation and gave me several “vintage” Tupperware containers that are still very much in use at my home (see picture above). I certainly haven’t treated these containers like potential investments; I wash/melt them in the scalding dishwasher several times a month while constantly packing them with everything from my wife Meg’s left-over lasagna to discarded nails and screws. Now it turns out they might be worth some money: websites like Etsy and Ebay have sections dedicated to vintage Tupperware, with all kinds of items up for sale. Prices on pieces range from $4 to $20, with rare containers going for as much as $60 I’m not sure what makes any particular container “rare,” but I guess I can always Google that…) Apparently “vintage” Tupperware (1970’s to 1980’s) is really popular, mainly because they were made for tiny spaces and small storage areas. The retro designs and colors are popular with Etsy and Ebay buyers as well. Do you have a cabinet filled with old containers you don’t use? Do you think you may have a Tupperware gold mine? Search the back of your cabinets and prepare to cash in…maybe.

John Young